Monday, 30 April 2012

May offers

Now that May is here lets hope we get the good weather.
As we all get ready for the spring and summer i hope that you will be looking for facials and manicures or pedicures
Facials will be priced @ £15.00 for the month of may
Manicure & Pedicure by  both treatments for £20.00 saving £10.00

Have you got Health Shield Health Insurance top up then you can have some of your therapy paid for contact me for more details.

I have had some great new clients in the month of April
I you have not had treatments with me before then book 2 now and have  a £5.00 discount when you book together and you have those treatments within the month of May.

Reflexology will help you if you are feeling stressed with everyday life issues give it a try and see how if can make you feel

Looking for referrals into sheltered housing schemes in the north herts area please let me know if you know anyone who my be living in this accommodation and i would love to visit with them.

Happy Spring to you all

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