Friday, 5 April 2013

April 2013 Newsletter /Blog

Welcome to April Newsletter / Blog

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Sping is now officially here  Ambiance & Solace Therapies is excited to tell you that I am now working with Tea Tree products how many of you know that during world war 2 it was seen as the 'Miracle Healer' as a therapist use these products in my treatments as i know about there healing qualities

I know as a therapist how tea tree oil products help with health & wellbeing issues such as Ecema & psoriasis and can help us with the bites and stings that this season brings

I am so impressed with Tea Tree oil and its great  anti bacterial & antiviral qualities that i now have changed all my house hold products to only non toxic tea tree products to protect my family  and its so easy for me to shop for these on line and have them delivered to me .

Contact me for more information about this so i can share the secret with you
 Offer until the end of April
HOT STONES MASSAGE back neck & shoulders  1 hour for £25.00 in the comfort of your own home within a 15 miles radius of Hitchin (when contacting me mention this offer )
Coming up in May my manicure and pedicures offers watch this space & some new organisations  i will be working along side to improve your health & well being
Bairbre Ronewicz
Ambiance & Solace Therapies Ltd
Mobile Complementary Therapist

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